Garden Windows

Imagine having your very own personal greenhouse INSIDE your home. Most people would probably think that a project like this would be insanely expensive and require a great deal of work. But what if we told you that you could create a collection of miniature greenhouses just by replacing your windows? garden windows

Garden windows from Window Depot USA add a little extra space by projecting slightly outward, allowing your plants the opportunity to catch plenty of sunlight. They are often installed in the kitchen but can be installed basically anywhere. They look like a small Bay or Bow Window. Garden Windows have glass on all sides except for the bottom, and you can also install glass shelves for a place to store flowers and plants.

The Garden Window is an aesthetically-pleasing and interesting option to add to your home. They come in several colors and have operable top or side vents. Our Garden Windows are vinyl, which is not prone to rot and provide excellent insulation. Choose a Garden Window if you’d like to watch your flowers bloom all year long!